Team Doodlebug

Funds Raised So Far: $ 6,585
Nicole Dawn Olson, AKA "Doodlebug" is in grade 4 and will be in the double digits, turning 10 years young on May 29th just before the Cycle for Autism. Its been another year full of change, learning and growth for our family. Nicole transitioned well into our new home, the only mistake we made was moving in a day early which was NOT ok according to her calendar, but 24 hours later- all good. We spent time in Palm Springs with friends and family where Nicole insists she needs to live FOREVER. Her plan is for all her 'people' to move there and Mrs. Dool (her school MOM) can be her helper there too, now all we need is a magic With the guidance of our amazing pediaitrician (Dr.McGonigle) we made some crucial decisions that have helped Nicole increase her coping skills, flexibility and communication. As always, she loves little kids, being active swimming and jumping with a new found love of the gymnastic rings, Nicole has a need to fly like a bird-like really fly not pretend fly! (she even resorting to taping feathers all over herself at one point with no luck) She also loves You Tube and recently taught herself to play the piano! She has rotated through many different enthusiasms already this year (most notable being an obsession with fowl language)-glad that one is over! Her increased thirst for knowledge and impressive attention to detail keeps us thinking and guessing constantly. We are doing our best to keep up but we look to Big Sister Jessa for assisitance quite often "cause she's the smartest" and we appreciate her very much! Our family looks forward to see everyone at the cycle/walk again this year as we add more great memories to our Doodlebugs journey. Thank you to all who are involved.